What is a Merchant?

Merchants on Chingup.com are users with added capabilities to receive payments for the goods and services that they sell on their website or in the Chingup platform. These individuals or businesses have opted to take advantage of the e-commerce functionalities available on Chingup, allowing them to reach a wider audience. In addition to selling goods, merchants who opt-in to become cashiers can also send and receive cash payments. Being a merchant on Chingup provides a unique opportunity for users to monetize their skills and offerings.

Who can become a
Merchant and a Cashier

Anyone, who has a verified Chingup account, valid and verifiable address SSN, EIN, TaxID or other government issued ID number can become a Merchant. To become a Cashier, first you need to opt-in as a Merchant.

Monthly Fees

As a merchant on Chingup, you can enjoy fee-free access to the platform as long as you maintain a daily average balance of $250 in your wallet. This balance is calculated automatically by recording your in-wallet balance from the 1st to the 28th of each month and dividing it by 28. Essentially, as long as you maintain this minimum balance, you won't be charged any monthly access fees. However, if your daily average balance falls below $250, a merchant fee of $9.00 USD will be applied.

Transaction Fees

As a merchant on Chingup, people can pay you with their Chingup Balance which is free to you, or by using a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX card which costs you between 3% (in the USA) and 5% (depending upon your country). All merchants have limited Credit Card processing ability (amounts and volumes) until we get to know you.

How to become a Merchant

It is extremely straightforward to become a Merchant. Here are the steps:
  1. Click 3 bars on the top left corner of the page:

  2. Under "Account Details" section, make sure all the information there is correct and updated. Also you must choose a User Handle that users will see in your public profile and in your URL.

  3. Under "Account Prefrences" select the checkbox that says "Become a Merchant".

  4. As soon as you successfuly opt-in as Merchant, the option to 'Become a Cashier' will also become avaialable.

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