Chingup Franchise

Chingup Franchise
Get your share of the $14 trillion transaction industry with a Chingup Network Franchise. The barrier to entry is low. Earning a percentage of millions of transactions has never been so close. We train and support motivated entrepreneurs to build a sales team and client base.

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Unlock a Lifetime of Revenue
with the Chingup Franchise Opportunity

For as little as $15k you can join the lucrative world of merchant services with Chingup and secure a steady stream of long-term revenue. Our franchise model empowers you to capitalize on every transaction in your designated zip-code based USA territory, generating a perpetual income stream. We even offer financing options for sales centric franchisees.
  • Earn a percentage of every transaction, every day, for the life of the merchant relationship
  • Benefit from the growing demand for digital payments and merchant services
  • Leverage our proven system, training, and support to build a thriving business
  • Enjoy a low barrier to entry and financing options to support your success
With Chingup, you'll be part of a revolutionary and robust network that can process millions of transactions every minute. Our franchisees enjoy:
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Only the 'soft sell'. We don't replace existing POS systems, we augment them!
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and industry expertise
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Seize the chance to build a thriving, high-revenue business that yields long-term, passive income. Join the Chingup franchise family by acquiring one or multiple territories and ignite a prosperous financial future!

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* USD and Saving are FDIC insured by our partner banks
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